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alex_lock's Journal

Alexander Lockhart
Hera, Gaea
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Alexander Lockhart
(he likes to be called Alex)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Country/Organization/etc: Gaea/Gaean Royalty-Kingdom [formally], now Allegiance to Iva Ambika
Race: Human
Occupation: Combat Weapons Specialist/Assassin
Bio/History: Ever since he was a baby, all Alexander Lockhart known was battle and blood. He had no parents, no siblings or family. At least not to his memory. He had grown up on the battlefield practically all his life, ever since he was a baby and whether by Fate or the Gods or luck managed to survive on bloody battlefield of lifeless bodies and death. Eventually, founded by the Gaean army who took him and there he was raised as a soldier for the Gaean Kingdom.

As he grew older, his strength and skills flourished, even for such a young age. He had natural strength, speed, skills and talent than any other boy his age or any other normal soldiers. He earned recognition for his prowress and because of this, they placed him into more rigorous training programs where he trained and worked with those that were far older and far more experienced than him. Though he found many adults to be foolish, he was obedient nonetheless to his superiors and followed whatever orders were given to him without questioned.

He had, but few friends, but none were particular close. There was no one he could particularly relate to in any way. And not many others truly attempted to truly befriend him.

At the young age of ten, he was placed in the 6th Gaean Special Ops Unit, TATARUS. And that was where he met Brody Wynndell, a man ten years his senior and a respected man amongst the Gaean soldiers for his skills with a spear and with magic. Despite their age different, Brody went out of his ways to befriend him and as the few years past, Alex thought of Brody as a friend and as the older brother he never had.

When he was thirteen, the person Alex thought of to be a mentor, a brother and a friend, died. It occurred during one of their missions and the enemy from Terra stabbed Brody. He killed the Terran soldier that killed Brody soon after. For the first time in his life, he killed someone out of anger, sadness and revenge. When he was done, he went over to Brody’s lifeless body. At age thirteen, Alex cried for the first time in his life. He has never shed a tear after that.

After that, he continued his life as a soldier in the 6th Gaean Special Ops, working hard and completing every mission with high success. Eventually, just recently at age fifteen, he became the leader of the Tatarus.

Appearance: Picture One. Picture Two. He has brown-golden eyes and matching brown hair. His face is very young and innocent, though there is usually a sense of maturity and his facial expression is usually very serious. He wears a blue shirt, black pants and a pair of boots usually and he also wears a hooded cape.
Personality: Despite his young age, he acts more like an adult and is very serious about his work. He follows orders without question and does nothing for himself or others, but just because it was an order. That may be because he’s been a soldier practically all his life and has never really experience the innocence of childhood. He rarely loses his temper (though being irritated is another matter) and is for the most part very calm (as well as cold). He gets annoyed and irritated when others treat him like a 'kid'. He’s mainly loyal to his superiors, valuable to his allies and deadly to his enemies.
Weapons: Battle Ax that can be folded up for conveniences. At will he could also release his ax for long distance attack due to the chain inside.
Abilities/Powers: Mainly in swordsmanship and the strength, speed and agility that comes with it. Has little magic skills.
Other Notes: Not only is he skilled with a weapon, he is also very intelligent and even knows a few spells, which he learned from his old partner Brody. Due to his age and youthful and innocent appearance, he is able to roam the country with ease and without any suspicion.