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[Mission 0X0X09]

Just returned to Hera.

...Somehow I ended up being teach to dance. -_-;

Private.  Family.  I've never actually had one.  Parental units.  Siblings.  Hell, I don't even know if I had siblings or not.   I've lioved without them and I can still continue doing so.  I lost what was left of my 'family' when I could barely speak amuwau.  I don't even remember who they were.  I don't remember their faces, their voices.  There could have been a chance that I was even abandoned.  Its not that rare these days.

But still.  No matter how much I try to remember or even possibly dream to...

There's only one thing I can remember. 

Blood. /Private.
Tags: dancing, family, hera, rosie
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