Alexander Lockhart (alex_lock) wrote,
Alexander Lockhart

[Mission 0X0X14]

It's cold.

Private to Alex.
Rosie haven't had much of a conversation for a while and we only talk when it concerns buisness, and that's barely there.  What I said was cruel.  Cold.  Maybe...I should apologize.  Maybe it's too late for that.

That woman--the Leporedaen woman has always been on my mind more and more.  The dreams have been different lately though.  I'm in that  woman's arms.  She whispers to me I'm not alone and that I won't be anymore.  It's comforting.  Warm, even. it.

But is it even possible for someone like me?

Maybe I need some fresh air.  A walk sounds nice. /Private.
Tags: cold, dreams, leporedaen, rosie
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